Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Waiting . . .

As I was waiting at the bus stop
I saw a lot of people going in and out of the bus
Some with happy faces
And some with tears in their eyes
I fell happy and sad for those people
Not riding in that bus doesn't mean I am afraid
I just don't want to ride the wrong bus
That will take me to the wrong journey

The reason why I always wait at the bus stop
Is to wait for the right person to fetch me
Because I want to spend my journey and adventure
With that person forever
Sharing journey and adventure together
with LoVe and Care...

And I think the day has come
You fetch me from where I am waiting
We finally found each other

Now that we're together,
I am very happy about us, about everything
Because you share your journey and adventure with me
And you accept my journey, my adventure,
And as what I am
I wish time is endless when we're together
Spending our journey and adventure together
With LoVe and Care that never dies

I Love you so much my one and only dearest sweetest angel of my life~

.::. March 04.::.

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