Monday, April 07, 2008

april days...

wow! days really past so fast and I didn't realize that it's April already ~.~ and wow! it's very hot here in the Philippines, as the weather forecast says, Philippines will be having a hot June T_T oh man, I just hope I can tolerate the weather T_T Really sorry guys, for those people who are reading my blog I am very sorry for the very very slow updates.

well, as for work, I've been very busy all along, starting mid-March. Because our office is moving to a new location and there are a lot of things (as the word says, A LOT OF THINGS) need to polish and be implemented and we don't have a lot of time, because there are also a lot of concerns about the new location. Well, all I can say is new location, new people and new problem XD~ well, I just hope things will be okay as days goes by....

and as for my personal life, I'm getting thiner due to my busy work T_T and there are a lot of people told me to eat more XD~ but hey! how can I eat more if I'm so busy at my work and when I got home all I want is to sleep but of course, talk to my sweet angel is in the list before sleeping :p We are now 2 years already and going strong, and I pray we go till the end. Well, got to go guys, really for the very slow update, but I promise I will coupe up with you guys, once I got out of my cage XD~

God bless you guys and have a happy weekdays as the way it should start ^^,v

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