Friday, March 13, 2009

updates + unexpected

this week was a tiring week for me, just start of the monday I can almost feel it. I feel the presence of busy and pressure =.= and it really turn out that way... and I can say, this is a very unproductive week for me. But as my friend says, as long as you had done something for our client, that means you have done your job. But how come I cannot feel it? Am I having high expectation to myself? I sometimes want to shout of my colleague already 'cause that person is doing nothing, all you can see is that he's just chatting, relaxing or sometimes much worst you do not know where did he go in the time of in need. Today, i felt the pressure on my work, I felt like there's a lot of responsibility and task that is given to me and I should done all of them right, but due to the severe virus out break on our office lately, all our task had been moved 'cause of that reason. And for me, I have a hunch that laptop is one of the reason why we got infected. And that is also why I don't like those people who want to own a laptop just because they are manager or anything but they are not literate on how to use them properly. They just want to go mobile but don't care if their laptop got virus infected or not and some of the people don't take care their laptop. The most hate part of this, is that, we are rushing around to get rid of the virus but some other people still want to get the time of lax, as if they are not bothered by the situation and they are not affected. I really want to shout them already 'cause they don't know what to prioritize. But because of my boss, I didn't do that 'cause we are just only a small group and I don't want to let other people think that my boss (who is also my friend) don't know how to handle people and why his people had a fight or anything.

as for the unexpected, today, I had my lunch take out from Starbucks =D had sausage roll and venti white mocha frapuccino =D to unwind my stress and pressure of work. The Starbuck personnel was friendly =) and when I was turning around to go to get some table napkin I saw my friend CiD =D he is with his friends and lyron too was there XD I really didn't expect to see them there XD and now I know what car Cid drive XD Honda CRV >=) another unexpected is that while I was walking to go back to my office, someone at a small truck shouted, I was like "Oookaaay~ who was that shouting?" 'cause I didn't hear what he is shouting. And while I was walking to go back to the office, I saw the small truck again and it was park along the side where I was working, then suddenly I saw my old college friend Webster, he was working at HOPE cigarette, as an agent he said. I was really surprise to see him and it was unexpected XD we chat for few minutes and had our seperate ways.

updates and happenning was quite a balance but still if I remember my work stuffs I will nearly go mad 'cause of the situation =.= I'm just glad that I have someone like sweet angel, my friend dogbert and dilbert (the codename we use XD) who I can talk and rant with. Really thanks I have someone special and friends like them =D love you guys *HuGs*

It's late already and I am sooooooooooo sleepeee already.. guess, till again =) will post random picture of March 13, 2009 if have time =D bye guys~ Good Night and have a nice weekend (^^,)v

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