Friday, March 20, 2009

2 weeks U p d a t e s

it's been 2 weeks already since I update about me again XD well, been busy and having friends with mr. pressure on my work, and these past days have been a hell days for me =.= 'cause there are a lot of jerk people who won't help. i mean, hey we're a team, what the hell are they doing? Just chit chat and laugh around and I can see other people who play sudoku? @.@ while I am rushing and finishing up a problem that suppose not to be mine?!?! and right now, it's already two weeks that I am not on myself. Cannot work properly, cannot think properly, and the worst, my work is not organize anymore! and I told myself, "this is not me! ang kalat ko magwork!" I told my boss, "I can't work with these kinds of people anymore and I cannot take it anymore" My boss says "why you are angry with other peoples mistake?" and I told him "why will I not angry, I get affected, my work get delay, shouldn't I get angry?" and he says maybe I just need to cool down, And I am glad that my boss understands me and grant my request. Saturday, I really slept almost the whole day and hope that sleep is the solution for the release of my burn out and stress. And I hope that this comming Monday, the day I will get back to normal.

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